The idea for Sujjester came up as the presidential elections were heating up in the United States.

As the elections came closer, we started receiving numerous phone calls, marketing literature and emails about the election. A lot of times we just threw away the printed materials. The cold calls had an uncanny knack of calling us when we were enjoying family dinner. It may sound funny, but sometimes we decided to change our dinner time just to avoid phone calls during dinner. And the phone calls followed us then too.

All in all, it was not fun.

We waited for the elections to finish. During one dinner, however, we started talking about the other side of the equation. Candidates want to let us know what they have in mind, who is endorsing them, how they differ from their competition and so forth. They had no choice but to do what they were doing- keep calling, keep sending literature, keep nagging us to remember to vote.

Brainstorming was our next step.

What can we do to solve their problem plus our problem and do that in a way that is convenient, efficient, and cost-effective? We knew about Facebook®, Twitter® and emails. While all these are outbound communication paths from candidates to us, what do we have to ask candidates about our concerns and how they expect to tackle those issues? Furthermore, what do we have to efficiently compare and contrast those views among candidates?

That was the genesis for Sujjester.

Later we started talking with more friends and their friends. The foundational idea of inbound sujjestions not only applies to political candidates and elected officials, but it is equally important to those who bottle up their individual concerns and, which then mushroom into larger problems. For example, employees hold in their true feelings instead of bringing them forth because it might jeopardize their career in the company. Not only the business organization but also employees' family members suffer too. Sujjester can and will be an important part of the total solution. Employees and their families can reach out anonymously if they so chose. On the other hand, the professionals can analyze the sujjestions they receive, from different parts of the world, and identify major trends that often go unnoticed.

Sujjester complements existing outbound channels such as websites and phone calls. In conjuction with those tools, it will be a critical element of the total social fabric.