Frequenty Asked Questions

What is Sujjester ?

Sujjester is an intelligent information hub among that allows community members (sujjesters) to send suggestions and inject topics of conversation to community leaders.
Corporate executives, political candidates, military officers and many other "people in charge" can directly engage with employees, voters, troops, etc. with inbound sujjestions.
For example, in a political election, voters can send their sujjestions to one or more candidates simultaneously, receive their responses, and compare and analyze the results. They can also view current social trends with keyword graphs. Meanwhile, the candidates can construct their responses to best reflect what they want to communicate to voters while collecting meaningful data on what in the minds of their voters.
Corporate executives, especially those in human resource management, can analyze sujjestions to learn of the deeper sentiments among employees that often remain 'unsaid'. Many military personnel and their family members want to directly inform their officers and government secretaries on social issues but don't see an easy way to do so. Sujjester fills that void. This is a global issue. Anywhere where people want to directly voice their opinions and inject ideas into conversations but don't have an anonymous approach, Sujjester is relevant.
For candidates and party officials, Sujjester is an ideal tool for engaging communities via inbound sujjestions. They can respond to those sujjestions, tweet them, analyze and elevate community thought leaders as their social ambassadors. Sujjester complements other outbound messaging tools such as phone banks, websites, social media pages and tweets.

What is a "sujjestion" ?

The word 'sujjestion' is a combination of "suggestion" and "injection". Citizens can make suggestions to their candidates as well as inject new topics of interest into political conversation.
Injected topics help community members to raise issues that matter to them most (for example, water shortage). They also help candidates to know the true "pulse" of their constituencies, engage those who are driving those topics, and arrange their campaigns appropriately.

What is a "Channel"

A 'channel' is an easy and convenient way to reach out to multiple individuals at once. For example, any citizen can send sujjestions to a political channel in a specific country. That single sujjestion will be delivered to multiple political candidates and elected officials as a result of keyword-matching.
Sujjestees, on the other hand, subscribe to multiple keywords of their interest in their channel. The Sujjester service matches keywords in a sujjestion with the keywords subscribed by sujjestees and then sends the sujjestion to all the matching sujjestees.
Channel sujjestions are visible to everyone which helps everyone to see the prevalent topics and thoughts in that channel. Channels are on a per-country basis because the topics of discussion in one country may not be relevant to the same channel in another.
Sujjester provides a growing number of "channels" such as a political channel, corporate-HR channel, and more.

Why do we want Sujjester ?

In today's socially networked environment, citizen engagement is no longer limited by time or geographic boundaries. Sujjesters and sujjestees want to engage with each other regularly rather than mere election-time-blasts. Equally important, social networks are not limited by geographic boundaries. Therefore candidates must engage with thought leaders around the nation.
Political recommendations by local (but perhaps unknown) officials are no longer as effective as those by socially networked peers. Candidates therefore want to build relationships and nurture them far and wide and, in turn, influence local voters.
Sujjester provides the tool for voters to engage with candidates, receive their responses, compare, analyze and make up their own mind. It is a convenient, efficient and cost-effective tool in modern political campaigns.

How does Sujjester benefit sujjestion senders ?

In the political arena, it can be highly confusing for voters to determine which candidate holds the values and goals that matter to them most. Sujjester allows them to send direct messages or questions to candidates, get direct responses, compare and analyze them, and then make up their minds.
With Sujjester, voters can do the following:
  • get opinions from multiple candidates on a single topic
  • compare and contrast different responses
  • inject new, perhaps controversial, topics into conversation
  • receive responses on their questions
  • analyze responses
  • view social pulse in different communities

How does Sujjester benefit sujjestees?

Quite simply, Sujjester significantly helps community "leaders" to get the true opinions, the "pulse", of the community members. They can understand what citizens want, what they care about, and what their foremost concerns are.
Traditionally, political parties tend to spew out their "platform" via multiple outbound communication paths while most voters are concerned with specific topics of interest. Now, using inbound sujjestions, candidates can better address voters' true concerns directly and thereby develop communication links to build deeper rapport.
With Sujjester, community leaders can do the following:
  • learn important topics of concern directly from community members
  • analyze sujjestions' location trends using sujjesters' geographic locations
  • respond to community concerns quickly and engage them in conversation
  • use Twitter® to let personal followers know of the responses
  • elevate key sujjesters as "social ambassadors" in the community
  • expand word-of-mouth campaign far-and-wide
  • prepare and deliver precise campaign messages based on true social pulse
  • save time and reduce cost while still building a deeper connection with constituencies

What is a "Handle" ?

When sujjestees sign up on Sujjester, they create a handle for themselves. For example, "markzorro" is a handle for a ficticious candidate. He then announces/publicizes that handle through his campaign.
This handle is similar to, but not necessarily the same as, a Twitter® handle.

Do I need to create an account to send sujjestions ?

Nope! Just go to the homepage, type your sujjestion and send it! That's it - you are done.
You may also see Sujjester's social icon on a candidate's website. Click that icon, type your sujjestion, and send. That's it.

How are sujjestions sent simultaneously to multiple candidates in a channel ?

Keyword matching. When you type your sujjestion, the keywords in that text are matched with the keywords that candidates subscribe to in that channel. Then your sujjestion is sent to all candidates who have subscribed to one or more of those matching keywords.
This process is somewhat similar to popular web services that use keywords in your searches to show you related advertisements. In Sujjester's case, your keywords are used to post your sujjestion to "interested" candidates.
Note: During early stages of this service, here may not be a large amount of candidates who have subscribed to keywords. Therefore, keyword matching may not return the expected results. Consider simply sending your sujjestions to individual candidates.