How it works

Sujjesters send their sujjestions from Sujjester website (www or m.) or mobile apps. The sujjestees use another application to view, analyze, and respond to those sujjestions. Sujjestions can be sent directly to individual recipients or indirectly to multiple sujjestees through channels.

How it works

Sujjesters send sujjestions to sujjestees.

Send directly to individuals

Sujjesters can send their sujjestion directly to specific individuals using their handles. For example, a citizen can send sujjestion directly to a political candidate "Mark Zorro" by using his handle, "markzorro". In this case, the Sujjester service sends the sujjestion only to that specific individual. This is an easy, direct approach to reach out to specific sujjestees.
When a sujjestion is sent to a single individual, it remains private between the sender and that sujjestee.

Send via channels

In the indirect mode, sujjesters send their sujjestions to different channels such as a political channel or a corporate-HR channel. The sujjestees on the other hand subscribe to keywords of their interest in different channels.
The Sujjester service detects keywords in sujjestion text, matches them with the keywords that sujjestees have subscribed to in that channel, and sends the same sujjestion to all the matching sujjestees. This keyword-matching approach provides a powerful means for sujjesters to send their sujjestions simultaneously to multiple recipients who are interested in common topics.
When a sujjestion is sent to a channel, it is visible to everyone, which helps them to see the prevalent topics and thoughts in that channel. Channels are on a per-country basis because the topics in one country may not be relevant to the same channel in another.

Available on multiple platforms

Sujjestions can be sent from any of the following places:

Sujjester social icon

Sujjestees can place a social icon on their website representing the Sujjester service. This makes it easy and convenient for site visitors to send sujjestions directly from the sujjestee's website.

Sujjester social icon

Sujjester social icon

Sujjestee application

Sujjestees use an enterprise-class application to view, respond to, and analyze inbound sujjestions. Details about that application, along with a brief video walkthrough, are available at Sujjester's website.

Additional service details

Additional service details are explained on the Service Details page.