Concerned citizens, millenials want to express what is on their mind, pose questions to their leaders and actively participate in mutual dialog. The leaders also want to directly receive suggestions from communities, understand true social pulse and respond accordingly.
Sujjester℠ provides a simple, easy to use, convenient solution to fulfil this need. It is an intelligent information hub among sujjestees who receive sujjestions and sujjesters who send them. As leaders use their web sites, social media and tweets to send their outbound messages, Sujjester provides a perfect complementary solution to receive and engage through inbound sujjestions.
Sujjestion senders can send their sujjestions directly to specific individual or to a channel. When a sujjestion is sent to a single individual, it remains private between the sender and that sujjestee. When a sujjestion is posted to a channel, keywords in the sujjestion's text are used to send it to all the sujjestees who have subscribed to those keywords in that channel.
A number of channels are already in place and more are on the way...
Political Channel
All politics is local but today's social networks know no boundaries.
Today, voters are more likely to be influenced and persuaded by their peers rather than endorsements from other luminaries. They want to be in the driver's seat and make sure that topics on their mind are discussed, debated, and answered. Therefore it is more important for political leaders to do the following:
  • let community members drive topics for discussion
  • engage thought-leaders across geographies
  • encourage social ambassadors
  • analyze those sujjestions and understand the true social pulse
Corporate/Human Resources Channel
Keeping talented employees engaged in the corporation's pursuit of goals is no longer merely a salary issue. It is a multi-axis challenge that not only includes the employees but, to a large extent, their families as well.
The corporate channel is ideally suited for employees and their family members to provide feedback, anonymously if so desired. They can also raise topics that they want to be discussed. The executives can do the following:
  • monitor employee opinions and adjust HR policies with sentiment analysis
  • improve employee engagement and productivity
  • reduce talent attrition
More channels coming soon:
  • Product managers for product sujjestions
  • Travel
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • News media
  • and more...
Let us know other channels that you would like us to add.
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