Case study: Candidate Mark Zorro for the US Congress




Mark Zorro is a first-time candidate for US congress district 456 from the great state of New Mexico.

He uses his website to explain his vision to his constituency. He and his campaign manager Sheila routinely use Twitter to send out micro messages.

However, Mark and Sheila are still not satisfied with citizen participation. They want a tool that allows community members to send in what is on their mind. Mark and Sheila want to learn which topics are more pervasive among community members, learn priorities among those topics and also understand how those topics are geographically spread within their precinct.


Mark Zorro campaign challenges:


Mark's main challenge is to establish himself as a thought leader who listens to his constituency, stays on top of current issues, and pursues what is right for society.




Besides his own website, daily blogs and tweets, Mark signs up on Sujjester. He announces his presence on via his tweets and all other outbound campaign channels.

He also includes the Sujjester ā€œSā€ social icon on his website to make it easy for citizens to send their sujjestions to him.




Mark increases his social engagement by 200% because it is so easy for citizens to proactively send their major topics to him. The visual reports created by Sujjester tell Mark and Sheila at a glance where his voters are leaning and which topics he needs to address.

Because the citizens now feel that Mark is addressing exactly the topic that is on their minds, they believe in him more and are all set to vote for him in the upcoming election.

They know that Mark will continue to utilize Sujjester even after he is elected and becomes busy in Congress. They know they will be able to provide ongoing feedback to him - positive or negative - so that Mark can fulfill his mission.