Political candidates, elected officials and the community

While candidates utilize a variety of ways to send their outbound messages, Sujjester provides a complementary inbound path to receive sujjestions from community members. Through these sujjestions, candidates can do the following:

  • learn important topics of concern directly from voters
  • analyze sujjestions using sujjesters' geographic locations
  • respond to voter concerns quickly and engage them in conversation
  • use Twitter® to let personal followers know of responses
  • elevate key sujjesters as "social ambassadors" in community
  • expand word-of-mouth campaign far-and-wide
  • prepare and deliver precise campaign messages based on the true social pulse
  • save time and reduce costs while still building deeper connection with constituencies


Military commanders and the troops

Military personnel and their family members can send their sujjestions to veteran's affairs administrations, psychiatric advisors and commanding officers to bring forth topics that are deeply hidden in their minds. All sujjestions can be sent anonymously unless sujjesters decide to include their email address.

This benefits the troops, their families, the military, and socity at large. Hidden stresses can grow into significant emotional upheavals. Sujjester provides a simple-to-use approach to communicate issues to advisors and experts.

The advisors, experts and officers benefit as well. They can analyze all the sujjestions using different techniques such as sentiment analysis to detect common hidden trends and correlation factors. They can then take proactive steps to mitigate potentially complex challenges. In summary, Sujjester can benefit military personnel by allowing them to do the following:

  • Improve troop morale
  • Understand hidden sentiments in military deployments around the world
  • Allow family members to also voice their concerns
  • Tackle social challenges with a broader perspective


Corporate executives and employees

Corporate executives and human resource managers can use sujjestions to understand hidden sentiments among their employees. Employees can voice their opinions, introduce topics for discussion and receive comments/replies without having to expose their identities. Such anonymous communication combined with powerful data analysis is important for both executives and employees. In summary, Sujjester will benefit the workplace by doing the following:

  • Allow human resource managers to observe employees' social trends and adjust HR policies accordingly
  • Improve employee engagement and productivity
  • Reduce talent attrition



Sending sujjestions directly to leaders allows all community members to push for topics that are near and dear to them, instead of merely listening to what the leaders want to say.

Sujjesters can send a sujjestion to a channel which can be posted to multiple sujjestees all at once. They can then compare and contrast opinions from different sujjestees and make up their own mind as to who they are more aligned with.

Sujjestions can be sent anonymously. Many veterans and their family members want to voice sincere concerns without the burden of potential negative impact. Sujjester provides that facility.

Everyone can view all sujjestions sent to a channel. This helps everyone to view and understand issues and the "mindset" of others in that channel. Understanding each other, even though we may be geographically far apart, helps to increase visibility into true social concerns far and wide.

Sujjestees can elevate specific sujjesters to be their "social ambassadors." If you believe in any particular sujjestee's views, you can build a closer bridge to that person. It is possible to be a social ambassador to multiple sujjestees at the same time.

Being a social ambassador can be beneficial for sujjesters as well as sujjestees.